We are running for freedom—freedom from bondage to four different levels of sin at work in our lives:

    • personal sin

    • family sin

    • institutional sin

    • societal sin


The Freedom Run is a commitment to peel back each layer of sin and confront its ugly reality head on. It’s a commitment to seek freedom from its bondage, by the power of God through faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a commitment to discipleship, critical thinking, reconciliation and action as we interrogate each category of sin and ask, ‘What is it?’, ‘How does it work?’, ‘Why is it sin?’, ‘What does it mean to be in bondage to such?’, ‘What does it mean to be free?’, and ‘How do we get free?’

We are asking YOU, as a contemporary ‘cloud of witnesses’ to stand with the biblical and historical ‘cloud of

witnesses’ by supporting this movement of freedom from bondage.