Harvest Academy

BMC began Harvest Academy to offer urban youth quality education in a redemptive environment.


The goal of Harvest Academy is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, resources, and support they need to take ownership of their education, develop a pattern of overcoming, successfully earn their high school diploma, and enroll in a post-secondary school. We accomplish this goal through the following strategy:


The first priority of Harvest Academy is to students involved in the Harvest Movement Youth Center and BMC. As it comes to our attention that students have either low or failing grades in multiple classes, repeated suspensions, excessive absences, or have been expelled, we schedule a meeting with the student and his or her parents to determine if Harvest Academy can better meet the needs of the student.


Harvest Academy is committed to intentionally teaching the knowledge and skills necessary and providing the resources and support necessary for students to succeed in their education and overcome in life.


The ultimate goal of Harvest Academy, after students have mastered the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long learning, is to send them into life as functionally literate individuals, and even into the educational system as students, teachers, and administrators, fully equipped to succeed.